I was dashing to meet a friend for dinner recently and threw on some clothes I don’t usually wear. My friend was taken aback. “These clothes aren’t you!” she said. It’s funny how others get used to seeing us a certain way and it’s also confining—as if we have to conform to a limited image of ourselves. This relates to art-making too.

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Remember, there’s absolute freedom in art-making—no rules! Whatever sparks your interest, don’t hold back. You have total freedom to go in any direction to find yourself. Pushing beyond what others expect to see in the work and changing what we’re used to seeing ourselves — that’s the juice that feeds our souls. Art is pure freedom.

Do you have absolute freedom in your practice? Let us know in the comments.

In this week’s Art2Life Podcast, I have an intriguing conversation with writer, thinker, and podcaster, Brandi Stanley, who shares enlightening insights on conformity, purpose, and aliveness to help navigate our creative path. I hope you’ll join us for this fascinating discussion!
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Cover Photo: Kevin Fitzgerald