I’ve recently finished making some new paintings for an upcoming show. Some are better than others, but overall, I am happy with them. I would say they are pretty good. Even so, I am always left wondering how I might go beyond just good. It seems that making excellent, good work is reasonably obtainable but entering a “genius” level of artmaking, with a higher level of expertise and brilliance is more challenging and rare.

But there are clues how…

This higher, genius-level is marked by continually imagining and moving towards what we love in our art and life. It is all about keeping passion, creativity, and joy alive in our life’s work.

Where do you find yourself in this genius zone?
Let us know in the comments.

If you are interested in how you might move into your genius zone with your art and life, join me this Wednesday on the Ar2Life podcast for a conversation with NY Times best-selling author Gay Hendricks, author of The Genius Zone. Gay works with high-level executives, performers, and creatives to help them move into their genius zone. I hope you can join me in this inspiring conversation.

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PS GIVING TUESDAY VIRTUAL CHARITY ART AUCTION OPENS TOMORROW! On November 29th-November 30th, we will auction off two collaborative paintings created last month at the Art2Life Workshops in Mallorca. Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages tomorrow at 9 am PST for more info on how to participate. All proceeds will then be donated to an art-related charity that the auction winners will select for Giving Tuesday.

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