Art-making is easier when I’m feeling happy and connected to myself. I call this a flow state— creativity flows. But, of course, there are times when I lose that connection and question everything, and get stuck. One way I think about flow state is to remember that it all has to do with love. It actually is at the center of all that matters in your life and your art. Love connects us to ourselves and the world.

Let me explain.

When you create from within, you gain a deeper connection to yourself. When you share your art outside of yourself, it is an offering to the world. Others will sense your authenticity and be inspired to seek it in themselves. It’s an act of love and generosity that connects us all back to our center. This understanding always helps bring me back to me when things aren’t going well.

How is love connected to your Art?
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This whole idea originated from a conversation I had with Lorraine Weiss. Lorraine is a spiritual teacher, a healer, an artist, and someone who has immeasurably helped me improve my approach to art and life.

This coming Wednesday, I’m sharing a conversation I had with her on the Art2Life Podcast -Episode 4.

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