Art that I haven’t seen before moves me.

Sometimes it is mine, but often it is someone else’s.

Today I am excited to share the latter.

Laurie Shapiro is a Los Angeles-based immersive installation artist.

She is here today to give us a quick peek into

the extraordinary spaces she creates.

Informed by nature and Laurie’s internal inquiry, these rich tapestried spaces are breathtaking.

What makes her art incredibly irresistible is its scale.

The viewer becomes immersed from floor to ceiling when experiencing Laurie’s nature-inspired worlds.

Have you ever thought about your art as an environment?

Let us know in the comments if this inspiring artist has gotten your wheels turning.

She has mine.

Laurie has a show and a virtual opening on March 13th.

Explore more of what Laurie is creating – find her on Instagram at @LaurieShapiroArt or via her website here.

Have a blast art-making today!


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