It seems like everyone always wants to feel more confident. We are told that this comes from experience and just putting in the time. But what if confidence isn’t what is needed so much in art making?

Join me in conversation with Austin Kleon, best selling author of “Steal Like an Artist,” writer, artist, and fellow explorer of life, as he throws out the idea that confidence shouldn’t be where we put our focus.

Check this out. It might just make you feel a lot better about where you are now in your art.

Have a look here:

I want you to watch this week’s vlog, so I will only tell you a couple of things.

Here it goes:

#1 Confidence is a con.

#2 If you must build confidence, relegate it to the process of what you are making, not so much the outcome.

#3 The possibility for making something worthwhile increases if your “head is fed, your heart is full, and your hands are busy.”

That’s it — if that doesn’t get you to listen to this conversation, then I am not sure what will.

After you watch, let me know in the comments.

How much confidence do you need to make your art?

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The sculptor, John T Unger, who Austin mentions, creates elemental and beautifully wild sculptures.

Look here:

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I hope you dive into something new and unexplored in the studio.


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