Happy New Year!!! As part of my new year, I always think about what I am looking to achieve this year. I have a particular way of setting goals, and that is what I am talking about today. Check it out.

Have a look here:

For me, the litmus test as to whether the goal is juicy enough to pursue is if just the thought of it makes me a little scared. I call these the big scary goals. These are usually the ones that are worth pursuing. I also never set a goal for a year as I usually don’t succeed. Instead, I take it in seasons. Each quarter is a season. January, February, and March always involve pushing my art, as well as my teaching. I call this first quarter, the season of learning.

What are you planning that might be a little scary?
Let us know in the comments below

And remember, writing it down, especially in a public space like this Vlog, is the first step to making your dream a reality. So go for it!

I hope you are in the studio today, fired up more than ever.

It is going to be an incredible year.


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