I can clearly remember a time when just the idea of art-making was fraught with worries and concerns. It wasn’t the fact that my work was so bad. It was me. Sometimes I was overly concerned about what others might think about my art. Sometimes I would compare myself to other artists. Based on externalities, these feelings started to get in the way of my ability to create freely. They began to take the joy out of art-making.

It took a long time to realize my way around this issue. But eventually, I did. And this is the subject of today’s video.

Have a look here:

After way too many years, I realized that what I was focusing on was not ever going to get my art to where I wanted it to be. So, I began to shift my focus from the external and started paying more attention to the internal. I started paying attention to the feelings I wanted to have when I made my art. What made me feel alive in my art-making? Where did I want to take my art? As I became more clear, those concerns based on imaginary externalities faded. And as they did, my art became stronger. The fun and joy I was beginning to find in my own art evened out the emotional roller coaster of my art-making.

Looking back, it seems like such a simple solution. Of all the possible doors, the one worth opening is the one that leads back to ourselves. I love that idea.

Do you sometimes feel distracted by external concerns? And if so, how do you quiet them?

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Happy Sunday!