Since this all began I am making less art. But I am cooking way more. Making a big pot of soup somehow feels reassuring. As I was chopping onions the other day, I got to thinking how actually, making art is not so different from making food.

Both nourish the body, soul and mind for sure. But then more connections came the more I thought about it.

And that is what today’s vlog is all about.

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Maybe cooking is just another form of art making. I think it is.

I practice and teach art from the perspective of differences. When something new and different is experienced, generally one feels more alive.

It could be a tropical vacation if you have been inside all winter. It could be brilliant color placed next to areas of dull color in your art. Differences in art and life are what make both amazing.

Cooking, or rather, the sense of taste works the same way. Serving a crunchy cracker alongside a hot, creamy soup brings those two differences of texture together. They go beautifully together. The acid of a lemon perfectly compliments a buttery smooth, cold pressed spring olive oil. Great cooking, like great art making, is simply great curation.

And of course there are the colors. The purple of an eggplant is practically the only purple I love. The yellow of a Meyers lemon is to die for. Nature fills her colors with compliments, making all harmonize. There possibly is no better teacher of color than Nature.

Teaching the process of art making in The Creative Visionary Program, I encourage the making of big bold changes in the beginning stages of making your art.

Getting the big picture going first provides clarity and in the end can save tons of time in your art process.
This is also how I cook. Begin with fresh, raw ingredients and boldly combine them, saving the fine adjustments more for the end. Small refinements to a painting only seem to make a difference once the bigger design and value structure is working. Then and only then can we notice and appreciate the final seasoning of the art.

These are just a few of the art, cooking connections I have been thinking about this week. I know you have more.

How does your art making connect to your food making?

let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Also, this question,
How does your art making connect to your food making?

will be the starting place for talking, sharing and creating on this Wednesday’s episode of the
Kitchen Table Art Project.

This time, Wednesdays at 12 pm PDT, is just about talking, laughing and being together. And maybe making some art at the same time.

(This week, artists will be sharing some of their favorite recipes too.)

Stay safe and creative.


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