Hi there, Melissa Chandon’s art is so different than mine. And that might be why it interests me so much. We got to talking about the edges in her art and I thought you might find it helpful.

There are so many decisions in paintings, but possibly the most important ones have to do with edges. The edges are where two worlds meet each other. If there is a spark in the work, this is where it will happen.

Have a look and see how Melissa describes the edges in her art.

She highlights how she uses value, color and edge differences to create her bold, stylized pictures. Not to mention this cool cadmium red underpainting…

How do you use edges to make your art stronger? If you are not sure, then maybe there is some room to improve things…

Let’s talk about it! Leave a comment below and let the rest of us know!

Have a great day today!

PS Have a look at Melissa’s art and workshops here and follow @melissachandon.