In my studio there is a very large, 8’ x 8’ blank canvas. I am a little nervous about starting because it is so big. I have never made a painting this size before. So of course it is going to be a little scary.

Fear always seems to come bundled with taking bigger steps. It feels risky to try something new, but this is how we learn. This is how our art improves.

So, today I am talking about ways to take some of that fear out of the big steps we all take in pursuit of stronger art.

Click on the video below to watch.

Firstly, we need to remember that art making is the practice of taking these scary steps over time. This is how art is made. It might feel a tad scary, but the payoff in improvement is usually bigger than the initial fear. Much bigger.

Secondly, when we take on something we don’t have experience in, we are problem solving. In trying to answer the question “how” in art, creativity increases. It turns out, even though you might feel a little unsure, your creativity is not. It simply thrives when presented with a question whose answer is not immediately apparent.

Lastly, when facing a new challenge, look to your past work to see if there is a connection between what you made then and see if any of it can be applied to what you are going to make now. Often, the answers for the present challenge are nestled in the prior work you have made. That big scary step might not be so big after all.

What big, scary steps have you taken to improve your art? Leave a comment below and let the rest of us know.

Let’s talk about it below. Sending you courage today…


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