I am pretty sure you are art goes through
the same ugly stage as mine does.

I hear from so many artists how much they hate this part
of the process.

Today I want to talk about this dreaded stage and maybe why it
is not so bad after all.

Watch the video below:

There are three ideas to keep in mind when it comes dealing with the ugly stage
in your art making.

#1 When you are making art that is ugly, you are doing so because you don’t know any better.
It is because you are in a learning stage. And this is good. However, the faster, bigger learning always comes with more pain and suffering.
It is just garden variety learning.
And this is the reason our art improves and changes overtime.
So remember the ugly stage is an absolutely essential stage of making
powerful, authentic art.

#2 Taking risks can result in mistakes.
This is why sometimes your art seems off.
It is why it can slip into that ugly stage.
Trying anything before you know feels scary and risky.
But risk makes a kind of mark that is super exciting in your art.
The viewer can feel you taking a risk and they become inspired as a result.
They too are on the edge of their seat. Risk is the antidote to boredom in your art,
and in you, when you are making it.
Risk is the 6th Art2life Principle for a reason.
It is a vital ingredient in all great art.

#3 It can feel so amazing to fall in love with what you are making.
But if this happens too early, then it can hold you back.
You simply cannot freely create as your art has become too precious.
A sure fire way to break this premature bond of love is to just allow any and all marks
to be made.
Even the unsure ones.
This usually will send the painting into that ugly stage.
And it is here where real work can begin. Now, freed from the tyranny of a perfect
outcome you can begin to really experiment and freely create.

I hope that the ugly stage of your painting now feels, well, a little less ugly.

How do you deal with this ugly stage?
Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Art Making!


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