Making art can be hard. But finding time to make it is harder. This is the number one challenge that stops most artists from making steady progress.

I have especially been feeling this lately because of the holidays.

Both my daughters are in town. There are more year end parties as well as tons of people in town who I just want to see. Throw in 2 weeks of workshops in Mexico at the beginning of December and there you have it.

No window of time left to make art. Or is there?

Today’s video is all about how to get better at making art more consistently. Click on the video below to check it out.

In this video I go over 3 benefits of having little time to make art.

#1 The windows of available time can be small, especially for those of you just starting out. Like 10-20 min small! It is more about the pattern of repeatedly coming back to your art during the week that once established, will serve you and your art best.

#2 It is all about creating momentum in your practice by “stacking” the windows of time. Two to three short windows of making art, say 20 min each, 3x a week is WAY better than 1 hour once a week.

#3 Coming to your art in tiny windows of time means you will be coming in with a fresh perspective. And as a result, your art will come more easily, because you can be more objective. In short, you can see what you are making more clearly. It also helps to bring the outside world, the different experiences you have experienced, to your art. That is huge.

I love that, in a way, being busy and not having tons of time to make art actually can help make it better.

Is this true for you too?

Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Holidays!


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