I am going to share something different today. I only explain during our 12 week
CVP program. It is an advanced concept but I will try and keep it simple.

OK here it is: In order for the viewer to really see and feel your art, it is helpful for you to
choose the one thing you want the viewer to see and feel. Sounds simple right?

In art making, the most powerful noticeable difference is value contrast.
And by that I mean that this is the place, in your art, where the difference between
lightness and darkness is greatest.

Many artists are not aware that value contrast is a super strong visual difference in our art.
So strong, in fact, that it can visually dominate the art.
So the the idea is this: If you want to highlight anything else, such as color for example,
then it is helpful to lessen the value contrast.

Have a look at this video and try to get what I am saying.

Vulnerability is that one ingredient.
The idea is that our art can become much stronger if we show primarily one thing.
To do this we have to get clear about what that is and then learn how to visually
showcase this one thing.

I have never tried to explain this in such an abbreviated way so I am curious if this is clear?

Do you get this idea? It is a game changer.
Let me know in the comments your thoughts and the takeaway from this idea.

Happy Holidays!


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