Hi there,

How can we learn to recognize and use our intuition when making art?

I believe intuition is the cornerstone of all powerful, authentic art.

But even so, it can be hard to not only recognize but to trust our intuition.

How do we know, what we intuitively know is right?

I couldn’t figure this out so I thought I would ask someone who might.

Jennie Oppenheimer has deep experience with intuition. She is the founder of Soulio,
a company that teaches people how to engage and utilize their intuition.

Join us and learn how you might better use your intuition to improve your art.

One way is to simply listen to what your art is telling you.

It seems so simple but it is something, until today, I never thought to do.

How do you use intuition in making your art?
Please leave below I hope your day is brilliant.


PS For info about Jennie Oppenheimer, her upcoming Soulio Workshops or private coaching,
visit www.soulio.org
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