I am not even sure if white is one of the colors. Which is odd because it can look so great amongst them.

That is, if you pay attention to a couple of key ideas.

And that is what I am talking about this week.

And not just talking, but demonstrating.

Join me for a few minutes as we take a closer look at my favorite non color, white.

In this weeks video I am demonstrating 3 ideas.

#1 White will work better in your art if it’s just a little bit harmonized with the surrounding colors.

#2 Adding the tiniest amount of pure white in a spot or two of your painting can be a subtle but potent final adjustment.

#3 OK here goes… I am going to share the recipe of my not so famous, custom white color. It is called “Lyla’s White” and is named after my eldest daughter, Lyla. I love both so much.

We sell “Lyla’s White”, along with our other standard, custom colors in the Art2life Store.

But do me a favor and keep this recipe a secret just between us…ok?

Let us know in the comments what you know about white.

Happy art making today…


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