I recently was reminded of 3 things.
When I think about them I always feel
more excited about what is possible
for my Art and Life.

And this is what I want to talk about

If you are rushing out to get your coffee
and don’t have time to watch right now,
here are the 3 awesome things I want to
remind you about…

#1 Making amazing, authentic art is available
for anyone. Yes, that means you too.

#2 The big mover and shaker in making
your Art friggin extraordinary is…. YOU!
It is all about leaning into who you are…
and guess what? You already have all that!

#3 Here is, hands down, the coolest way to
think about and motivate yourself
to make more art more of the time…

Art making is the time in your day
when you get to entirely, unequivocally
be yourself. No phone calls, no one
looking over your shoulder, and no one
even in the room but you.
It is the time you get to be totally free.

How great is that?

I was reminded of these 3 empowering
ideas while sitting in the audience, listening
to Marie Forleo at her recent book launch
event in San Francisco.

These ideas got me all fired up and so
I just had to share them with you.

Her new book “Everything is Figureoutable” is easy,
funny and CLEAR. (Which I SO appreciate.)
It is also super helpful and I bet will inspire your art
as well as your life. It did mine.

Marie Forleo, in case you haven’t heard
of her before, teaches and inspires entrepreneurs,
creatives to dream bigger and create results
in their lives. She is the creator of the uber popular
MarieTV and the Marie Forleo Podcast.

Marie is very successful, but most importantly
she is down to Earth. She is accessible. She makes
the rest of us feel we too can realize
our biggest dreams.

I love people like that.

Anyway, I was given an extra copy
of her book at the event so I wanted
to give it away to one of you!

Later today we will choose a standout
comment and let you know next week
who will receive this signed
copy of “Everything is Figureoutable”
(Signed by her, drawing of Maizy by me!)

What inspiration thing are you reminded
of today?

Let us know in the comments below.

Make art today like there is no tomorrow.
That is my plan!


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