As my Father grew older he talked about how his future plans and ideas were probably not going to happen. He felt his choices in life were lessening and his world was becoming smaller. But his art, he said, was different.

When we are just starting in our art, our awareness is limited. Due to a lack of confidence, technical knowledge, and distractions, we tend to have a much narrower vision of what is possible. Our art generally reflects this immaturity.

However, as we grow older our awareness can expand. Our sensitivity can increase.

The feelings of contraction, often felt in the later stages of life, can be wonderfully offset by the blossoming growth of our art.

Click on the video below to see what I mean.

If we can shift our thinking about our art, then why not apply this same thinking to our life?

Maybe we have far more choices than we think we do.

What choices have you made that, at the time, seemed unavailable?


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PSS Jeanne, I have to know what animal you like, otherwise you will get my default Maizy dog picture!