Hi Everyone,

Sometimes I think I just can’t hold everything in my brain.

So many times when making my art, I make the same mistakes.
Painting is so absolutely transporting, so distracting, that you can forget
everything you ever learned. I know this is so frustrating. It was for me.

But actually, losing your direction can be a good thing.
The good part is that you will make it from how you feel
and not so much from how you think.

And that is what this week’s video is all about.

Check it out.

Try to make your Art more from what you feel

rather than what you think. If you do, your work gets more personal.
It is simply more like you. And lo and behold if it is, if it is a reflection
of what you feel, then it will be more authentic. And when that happens
it changes from garden variety good to amazing.

Give it a try and let me know how this works…

By the way, I am doing live teachings
every Friday at noon on the Art2life Facebook Page.
I hope you can join us this coming Friday at noon! .
Here is the recording from Friday. It was all about Limiting Beliefs
and I created a free download all about them.

Hope your time in the studio this weekend is going great,