Hi Everyone,

I tried to couch it as “this is just what a creative studio looks like”,

but now it has gotten so disorganized that excuse just won’t work anymore.

So… this week’s video is all about
messiness and organization.

Or put another way…
right brain or left brain.

Our right brain is generally better at
being more spontaneous, seeing the big picture,
and not so attached to specific outcomes.
In other words, it goes with the flow.

The left side is more formulaic, logical and organized.
And is quite attached to a specific outcomes.

In life we might use one more than the other.
But regardless, we need both.
Especially making art.

In this week’s video I dive into when and how we might
use both sides of our brain in the process of
making our art.

Let me know if this rings true for you.

Are you aware of these two sides of your consciousness?
And if you are, are you comfortable switching
between them when making your art?

Everyone, especially me, would love to know.

Hope your Sunday is going to be a good one!