955_Limiting and Transforming Beliefs

Artists and Careers in Art

Limiting Beliefs

#1 You will be a starving artist.

#2 You will not be successful till you have died, and even then this is unlikely.

#3 You are a reclusive, uncommunicative person who generally stays inside.

#4 A lifetime of angst is a prerequisite to creating work that you and the world deem satisfactory.

#5 Galleries and artist agents make your career.

#6 Artists are afraid of sharing too much with other artists because they fear their originality will be stolen.

#7 Your artist statement has to be written in a way that doesn’t sound like yourself.

#8 Your art has to have a conceptual justification to make it worthy.

#9 The opinions of critics are extremely important to your career.

#10 Artists will always donate their art because they can easily make more.

Transforming Beliefs

#1 Artists, because they create something highly desirable, rare and authentic, can create rich, tremendously abundant lives.

#2 People are extremely interested and attracted to how and why you make art. They want to connect with you today. As a result of this connection they will buy your art.

#3 Artists are highly social and thrive in a supportive community of others who are passionate and creative.

#4 It takes only a moment to shift your thinking, which can catalyze a monumental, extraordinary change in your art.

#5 The artist is capable and responsible for generating their own following. If desired, because the artist prefers making art rather than selling it, she/he can utilize others to do so by giving them a commission.

#6 Originality is within everyone and cannot be taken away. This fact is demonstrated again and again by the making of Art.

#7 The artist’s statement is written by the artist about his/her work in the same, interesting way he or she speaks.

#8 Great inspiring Art is made, in many cases with no apparent initial plan or idea. That is why it is Art.

#9 The opinions of the artist are extremely important to her/his career.

#10 Artists understand giving something of extremely high value away for free undermines and lessens the value of previous and future work and rarely do so.

In truth, Nicholas