It is July fourth and it just makes me think of red white and blue. This color combination is one of the only ones I don’t particularly like. I don’t exactly know why.

I think it’s because this color combination is no longer available to mean anything other than the USA. If I want that feeling I can use this handy combination of colors. But if not, ( I rarely am going after the feeling of USA) then I have to switch to some other color combination. It is not because I don’t like what these colors represent. It is just limiting to me that they are already taken.

I love color. There also is a particular red magenta color that reminds me of geraniums my mother had all over her garden when I was growing up. To me, the color was so unbelievably garish compared to the rest of the flowering plants in the garden that it totally bothered me.

But that is pretty much it as far as colors that seem to already have such strong associations with them that I can’t use them too often. Colors are like objects, even people. They can hold and carry information within them that either makes them a yes or a no. Do I want them in my sphere? Is this color neutral enough to freely hold some of what I want it to? Or is it already filled and not available?

I know this is totally personal. I think it is so interesting and was wondering why and what color(s) are a “no” for you?

With Gratitude,


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