Workshop begins July 6th and runs to July 13th, 2019!


Nicholas Wilton is pleased to announce his first 2019 Advanced, European Art2Life Workshop at La Serrania in Mallorca, Spain.  Resting along the foothills of the Sierra de Tremontana Mountains, the La Serrania retreat is a tranquil, premiere destination for artistic and creative development. This 7 night/8 day workshop is one of the most intimate Art2Life retreats held all year, with enrollment limited to 16.

It is within this calming environment of softly rolling hills and bucolic countryside that you will begin exploring how to advance your art and deepening your practice. Nicholas and his team will assist you in looking more clearly into your personal story, life experiences and overcoming the particular challenges you might have in taking your art to the next level.

Priority registration is given to those who have completed the Art2life Creative Visionary Program or have attended an Art2life destination workshop. On March 1st, we will open enrollment to those who have 2-3 years of prior art experience. To be placed on the March 1st waitlist, please click here.

We will be focusing on more refined content suitable for artists with an existing artistic direction. La Serrania is a perfect setting for this, as it offers a beautiful, calm setting for deeper reflection which is crucial to gaining personal and creative clarity.

“You have no idea the freedom I feel with the permission you have given me to create, to please myself, as opposed to seeking approval from others. Or should I say, showing me the tools I need to allow me to follow my journey of artistic expression. I can’t say how much I appreciate the generosity of sharing your vast knowledge.”

– Jane Kellogg, 2013 Mentorship artist.

Throughout the week, you will be working on a number of smaller works that are a direct continuation of your prior studio work. An Art2life workshop kit (click here for more info) is included, however you have the option of working on paper or canvas on a wall. For more information on this, check out the “materials” section of our FAQ page (click here for more info) for this workshop. By looking at this new work in relationship to your prior work, we will be helping you first articulate the changes you desire in your future work and guide you on  how to achieve these changes. This process will be different for everyone and therefore requires ongoing dialogue between the artist and Nicholas. There will also be Art2life coach(s) in attendance to provide additional feedback, support and direction. Unlike other Art2life Workshops which focus on teaching fundamentals, this workshop will place emphasis on problem solving your existing challenges. This small, intimate group will provide an extraordinarily supportive and informative learning environment where much can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time.

The accommodations at La Serrania are shared, with the exception of two single-occupancy rooms. With high ceilings and tall windows, extensive oak floors and cedar carpentry, the aesthetic of La Serrania incorporates a sense of modern functionality while embracing the pastoral elegance of Mallorca. We will also have the daily pleasure of enjoying cuisine made from the best locally sourced, organically grown ingredients, prepared by La Serrania’s own in-house chef. Dinner will be served on the outside terrace beneath the stars, and will go late into the warm evening. You can also take a walk through La Serrania’s ambrosial gardens or lounge by the pool, surrounded by the stunning mountain views. La Serrania is incredibly quiet – the only sounds you might hear in the morning are the tinkling of bells worn by the goats, high in the mountains.

If you are ready to refine, clarify and take your art to a more joyful, sophisticated level, this workshop is for you!

“I want to say your workshop was absolutely amazing for me. It feels life changing. It’s like I’ve discovered the core of my art again after being buried for a very long time. Your way of describing the process sounds true and simple – very cool!!! Thanks again!”

– December 2014 Haramara Art2Life Workshop Attendee

We will also partake in some of the local cultural flare of Pollensa – the town nearest to La Serrania – which has been described as a town that has maintained its old-world flavor while embracing its status as a European destination. We will spend a day exploring this Spanish gem, experiencing its sprawling markets, red-tiled roofs and cobbled walkways, not to mention its delicious food. Then there are the beaches – some of the most pristine in Spain – that we will be visiting, as well as a possible trip to a local massive cave system that was once used by pirates.

“An art retreat in a secluded area immersed in nature was a present to myself I had been craving for a longtime. When I found Nicholas Wilton’s workshops, I immediately knew I found what I was looking for. I didn’t have any specific expectations in terms of academics or to take home results. The only thing I wanted was to give my art all the space it needed, stay open to whatever could come out, be inspired and encouraged by an established artist and other fellow artists.  My experience at Haramara ended up being really extraordinary. I had a wonderful time painting, exploring, and learning new tools to help and nourish my explorations.  But, most of all, I realized how vital and fundamental art making is in my life. Thanks Nicholas!”

– Paola Lanfranchi, attended 2013 Art2Life Workshop at Esalen

Please note that acceptance into this advanced workshop is on a first come, first served basis. This is the first Advanced 7 night/8 day workshop Nicholas has offered. Enrollment is limited to 16. Enrollment priority is currently being given to Art2life Alumni of the Creative Visionary Program or prior Art2life Workshops attendees.

If you are an artist with 2-3 years of painting experience and are interested in this advanced workshop, but have not taken the Creative Visionary Program or an Art2life workshop, please contact us at

Course Fee

As stated above, priority registration is given to those who have completed the Art2life Creative Visionary Program or have attended an Art2life destination workshop. On March 1st, we will open enrollment to those who have 2-3 years of prior art experience. To be placed on the March 1st waitlist, please click here.

The fee for this 8 day / 7 night workshop varies depending on whether participants register at the shared or individual occupancy rate. The breakdown for these 2 options is as follows:

Single occupancy course rate (1 adult per room): $6600

Double occupancy course rate (2 adults per room): $6200

Reminder: this workshop is currently only available to those who have completed the Art2life Creative Visionary Program or have attended an Art2life destination workshop.

To register for this workshop, please email Ferris at

The above fees cover all room, food and art material expenses. The accommodations for this workshop are first come, first served. To reserve your space, a 1/3rd deposit (based on desired accommodation type) is required. Please read about our payment and refund policies here

If you have any questions about this workshop that are not covered in the FAQ (available by clicking here) please reach out to us at and it would be our pleasure to help.

We look forward to seeing you at La Serrania!