Art2Life Principles

This workshop is a lighthearted, playful exploration of the creative image making process. Practical principles of painting coupled with a fresh approach to working more freely and intuitively will be presented. Included in this time will be clear, concise explorations of color theory, harmony, value, and design, in addition to in-class demonstrations, critique and extensive hands-on painting.

There will be little time to worry about success or failure, as our process will take the form of a flowing series of small paintings or multiples. We will sometimes be painting on two or three pictures simultaneously. Working in this way helps us avoid the tendency to overly focus and constrict the creative process. Recognizing and remaining in this state of high creativity is one of the fundamental ideas of this class. Seeing the opportunities made possible by our mistakes and learning how to evaluate and improve upon our own work will also be among the themes explored in the course. Come prepared for a whirl of creative self expression and the weary wonderful feeling of leaving a workshop with a collection of your own paintings which celebrate the process of inspiration, reclamation and the journey of self-discovery. Only life experience is needed and a willingness to play.


If we can see the path laid out in front of us there is a good chance it is not our path. It is probably someone else’s we have substituted for our own”

– David Whyte


Discovering ones own personal way or journey in art is one of the focuses of this class. In addition, this seminar teaches, and is structured around, 6 principles of artmaking – Design, Value, Color, Texture, Risk, and Soul. These principles once understood in terms of relative strength can quickly bring the level of your artmaking to a high level of sophistication and individuality.


“It doesn’t have to be any particular way. Just yours.”

– Nicholas Wilton


Workshops are held at various locations in the United States and Europe. Check our schedule for upcoming workshops. If you are interested in hosting a workshop for your company or retreat center feel free to contact us.

In class demonstrations, music, and one-on-one instruction creates a fertile environment for artmaking, for both the beginner and the advanced artist.
All of the paints and supplies are provided during the workshop and as the course progresses.