Workshop begins January 20th, 2018 and runs through January 27th, 2018!

Located on one of the most pristine, least developed islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, the family owned Hui Ho’olana retreat has been dedicated to fostering the growth of the artistic spirit since 1989. Built on over 70 acres, the Hui Ho’olana also serves as a nature preserve, its soft rolling hillsides teeming with a variety of exotic bird life and over 300 native plant species.


Now Nicholas Wilton invites you to this paradise for his annual weeklong workshop at the Hui Ho’olana. This 7-night, 8-day workshop is a playful, open-ended exploration of the creative image-making process. We will be utilizing imagery inspired from our own personal stories, life experiences and the lush verdant surroundings of Molokai.

“The workshop was really beyond my wildest imagination.  It was a complete experience, truly the best of everything – Nick’s instruction, the environment, people at the Hui, the food, the workshop participants.  I will never forget all that happened and how hard and diligently everyone worked.  Nick has a very special gift that allows each person to find their own personal expression.”

– Pamela Caughey, attended January 2015 Moloka’i ArtLife Workshop

There will be hands-on exploration of fundamental painting principles – such as color and composition – as well as gaining an understanding of how to sustain our own creative momentum. Throughout the week, we will work on a series of small paintings on wood panels, often working on several pieces simultaneously, leaving little time to worry about success or failure. Ample in class demonstrations, one-on-one instruction and a willingness to embrace chance, risk and personal intuition will help guide us on our artistic path. By the end of the retreat, participants will have learned how to create a piece of art that is at once compositionally strong and an authentic extension of themselves.
We offer individual and shared occupancy options for accommodations, and there are two types of accommodation for workshop guests; bedrooms in the lodge and nearby detached cabins. Lodge accommodations include 4 bedrooms and 2-shared bathrooms with showers. The historic lodge is over 50-years old and is beautifully appointed. Our group will also use this building during meals and as a living room space. Also not to be missed is an out door night time dip in one of several refurbished antique bathtubs; watch the stars and relax in warm, calming water. There will also be time to explore the natural beauty of Moloka’i, which is known for having some of the most remote, uninhabited beaches to be found in the Hawaiian archipelago.

“I now look at work I’ve done in the past differently, and have new knowledge to make my future work more powerful.  I am so completely pleased and happy and satisfied and elated that I took this workshop!!! I could never truly put into words all that the workshop experience provided.

– January 2015 Moloka’i ArtLife Workshop Attendee

Each workshop participant will receive their very own Art2Life Workshop Art Kit! The supplies in your Art Kit were hand-selected by Nicholas, and contain everything you need to enjoy this retreat. Each Art Kit comes fully stocked with a set of 21 custom made fluid acrylic colors, twelve 12″ x 12″ panels, a set of 8 brushes in various sizes, a painting tray, tracing paper pad, sandpaper, steel wool, pencil, and 2-pocket apron. And the best part about the Art Kit is that it’s yours to keep once the retreat concludes!
Photograph by Rikki Cooke
This workshop is designed to accommodate people from a wide variety of disciplines, and all skill levels are welcome. Whether you already have an established artistic practice or are just starting out on your creative journey, or perhaps somewhere in between, this workshop is for you. No prior artistic experience is necessary, only a willingness to play. So come join us as we celebrate a process of inspiration, reclamation, and the journey of self-discovery through painting.

“This was THE most amazing class.  It was surreal and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it.  I look forward to taking another class from Nick.  He is so talented and so sharing of his knowledge.

– Bonnie Leukert, attended January 2015 Moloka’i ArtLife Workshop

Course fee:
Single Occupancy Accommodation: $3,700
Double Occupancy Accommodation: $3,400
This fee covers all accommodations, food and art material costs. A 1/3rd deposit is required to reserve your place. Please read about our refund policy here.
To submit payment by mail please make checks payable to Nicholas Wilton, delivered to the following address: 480 Gate 5 Road, Suite 300W, Sausalito, CA 94965.
To submit your deposit by phone, please contact Ferris at with your name, telephone number, date, and time that would be best to call.