A R T 2 L I F E * M O R O C C O

Workshop begins September 19th and runs to September 26th, 2017!

Considered the jewel of Morocco, Marrakech is home to thriving marketplaces, stunning 12th century architecture, and world-renowned gardens, to name just a few of this city’s wonders. It is a place that is at once removed from time and also rooted in the contemporary, a delicious mix of the old and new at your fingertips.

Now Nicholas Wilton invites you to experience Marrakech with this never before offered Art2Life workshop destination. Held at Jnane Tamsna, a luxury retreat center comfortably nestled within Marrakech’s Palmeraie district, we will explore the creative process amid ambrosial gardens, shaded pathways and the warm Moroccan sun.


Surrounded by this enchanting Mediterranean setting we will dive into the process of creating, incorporating imagery drawn from our own personal stories, life experience, and the beautiful textural surroundings of Marrakech itself.

Using the fundamental principles of art as our guide, we will learn how to craft a sustainable art practice, as well as how to separate ourselves from the busy pace of our day to day lives, as this mindset is most conducive to producing art.

“The Art2Life workshop was amazing beyond words. Nick is an incredible teacher and a very special human being. I am very interested in signing up for a repeat Art2Life workshop in the future.”

– Linda Wallace, attended December 2014 Art2Life Workshop

Throughout the week, we will work on a series of small paintings on wood panels, often working on several pieces simultaneously, which leaves little time to worry about success or failure. We will also explore how themes of change and spontaneity enable us to create our own unique artwork, and illuminate life lessons inherent in the creative process. We seek to engage both sides of the brain, and invite in mistakes, intuition, and spontaneity. We will explore the six Art2Life Creativity Principles: value, design, color, texture, risk, and soul. Generous time will be given for experimentation with new tools, mediums, and techniques, and as the class progresses we will create a fertile environment for art making with in depth demonstrations, music, and one on one instruction.

Jnane Tamsna offers a variety of accommodations. Participants have their choice of lodging in spacious individual, double, or triple occupancy rooms, each designed to reflect that distinct Moroccan flavor while embracing a touch of the modern as well. While at Jnane Tamsna we will have the pleasure of enjoying the finest cuisine, made from the best locally sourced, organically grown ingredients, many of which are grown in Jnane Tamsna’s own gardens.

Jnane Tamsna also offers a variety of amenities; guests can treat themselves to a cool dip in one of five swimming pools located throughout the property; you can also take advantage of Jnane Tamsna’s yoga classes or indulge yourself with a traditional Moroccan massage. And for those who are seeking something a bit out of the ordinary, there are treks on camel-back, horse-drawn carriage tours, or even a day-time adventure in a hot-air balloon.

“I want to say your workshop was absolutely amazing for me. It feels life changing. It’s like I’ve discovered the core of my art again after being buried for a very long time. Your way of describing the process rings true and simple – very cool!!! Thanks again!”

– December 2014 Haramara Art2Life Workshop Attendee

And what would a visit to Morocco be without a venturing into it’s most prized city, Marrakech? It’s bustling souks or marketplaces are known the world over as thriving centers of commerce, where you can find anything from fresh spices and herbs, to traditional crafts made by local artisans, to outstanding local cuisine.

Immerse yourself in labyrinthine Berber architecture, ancient mosques, and hidden rooftop restaurants as you feast your eyes on a city that can only be described as a lush visual experience unlike any other. With the snow capped Atlas mountains in the distance and the warm Mediterranean breeze drifting through the air, everything in Marrakech is open to you, waiting to be discovered.

Additionally, all workshop participants will receive their very own Art2Life Workshop Art Kit! The supplies in your Art Kit were hand selected by Nicholas, and contain everything you need to enjoy this workshop. Each Art Kit comes fully stocked with a set of 21 fluid acrylic colors, gloss medium, twelve 12″ x 12″ panels, a set of 8 brushes in various sizes, a painting tray, tracing paper pad, sandpaper, steel wool, pencil, and a 2-pocket apron. And the best part about the Art Kit is that it’s yours to keep once the workshop concludes!

“An art workshop was a present to myself I had been craving for a longtime. When I found Nicholas Wilton’s workshops, I immediately knew I found what I was looking for. I didn’t have any specific expectations in terms of academics or to take home results. The only thing I wanted was to give my art all the space it needed, stay open to whatever could come out, be inspired and encouraged by an established artist and other fellow artists. My experience ended up being really extraordinary. I had a wonderful time painting, exploring, and learning new tools to help and nourish my explorations. But, most of all, I realized how vital and fundamental art making is in my life. Thanks Nicholas!”

– Paola Lanfranchi

This workshop is designed for people from a wide variety of disciplines and skill levels, from beginner to professional. The sole prerequisite to attending is an openness to playing, experimentation, and a willingness to explore your artistic practice. Please join us as we celebrate a process of inspiration, reclamation, and the journey of self-discovery through painting.

Course Fee

The fee for this 8 day / 7 night workshop varies depending on whether participants stay in a single, double, or triple occupancy room. The more people you decide to share a room with, the more the overall cost of the workshop decreases per person. The breakdown for these 3 options is as follows:

Single occupancy course rate (1 adult per room): $3,850 per person  SOLD OUT

Double occupancy course rate (2 adults per room): $3,550 per person SOLD OUT

Triple occupancy course rate (3 adults per room): $3,250 per person

Interested parties please contact Ferris at info@art2life.com

The above fees cover all room, food and art material expenses. The accommodations for this workshop are first come, first served. To reserve your space, a 1/3rd deposit (based on desired accommodation type) is required. Please read about our payment and refund policies here

To submit your deposit by check, please make payable to Art2Life, and mail it to 480 Gate 5 Road, Suite 300W, Sausalito, CA, 94965.

To submit your deposit by phone, please contact Ferris at info@art2life.com with your name, telephone number, date and time that would be best to call you.