3 AWESOME things I was just reminded of…

I recently was reminded of 3 things.
When I think about them I always feel
more excited about what is possible
for my Art and Life.

And this is what I want to talk about

If you are rushing out to get your coffee
and don’t have time to watch right now,
here are the 3 awesome things I want to
remind you about…

#1 Making amazing, authentic art is available
for anyone. Yes, that means you too.

#2 The big mover and shaker in making
your Art friggin extraordinary is…. YOU!
It is all about leaning into who you are…
and guess what? You already have all that!

#3 Here is, hands down, the coolest way to
think about and motivate yourself
to make more art more of the time…

Art making is the time in your day
when you get to entirely, unequivocally
be yourself. No phone calls, no one
looking over your shoulder, and no one
even in the room but you.
It is the time you get to be totally free.

How great is that?

I was reminded of these 3 empowering
ideas while sitting in the audience, listening
to Marie Forleo at her recent book launch
event in San Francisco.

These ideas got me all fired up and so
I just had to share them with you.

Her new book “Everything is Figureoutable” is easy,
funny and CLEAR. (Which I SO appreciate.)
It is also super helpful and I bet will inspire your art
as well as your life. It did mine.

Marie Forleo, in case you haven’t heard
of her before, teaches and inspires entrepreneurs,
creatives to dream bigger and create results
in their lives. She is the creator of the uber popular
MarieTV and the Marie Forleo Podcast.

Marie is very successful, but most importantly
she is down to Earth. She is accessible. She makes
the rest of us feel we too can realize
our biggest dreams.

I love people like that.

Anyway, I was given an extra copy
of her book at the event so I wanted
to give it away to one of you!

Later today we will choose a standout
comment and let you know next week
who will receive this signed
copy of “Everything is Figureoutable”
(Signed by her, drawing of Maizy by me!)

What inspiration thing are you reminded
of today?

Let us know in the comments below.

Make art today like there is no tomorrow.
That is my plan!


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Are you playing big?

Do you ever feel like your art has stayed the same for too long?

When this happens to me I do a this really cool exercise. It totally works for me. Let me show you …

Here is the basic idea…    

I give myself the task of only doing two things. Do something big and make it different than what I have done before. Whatever you make, providing it answers those two criteria, will often jumpstart your creativity. 

Bold, different moves lead to bigger, faster changes in your art. 

And change is what it is all about. Especially in art. 

How do you jumpstart your creative process? Let us know in the comments below.

Hope your day in the studio is great.


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Are you a stranger to your art?

Hi there,

I have been away from my studio
this summer. When I returned, I felt
like a stranger to my art.

Do you ever feel this way?
I used to struggle with this
every time I came back after
a long break.

But I figured out some helpful
tips that might work for you too.

How can we drop back into our
art making quicker and easier?

That is what today’s Vlog is all about.

I explain 3 key concepts.

#1 Take imperfect action.
It is all about actually doing something
that you can see. It doesn’t have to be good
it just has to be started.

#2 Convenience vs Commitment.
Our art is the later. It never is
slam dunk easy or convenient.
Don’t expect it to be.
Make a commitment to action,
to doing something that
moves the needle.

#3 Use the strategy of “play.”
A play mindset can help you more easily
re engage with your art. It creates
a feeling of wonder, curiosity and
one that is less serious. This, by the way,
is the optimal head space for making
your most extraordinary art.

These 3 concepts have helped me.

Let us know what helps you in the comments below.

Hope your Sunday in the studio is fun.


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Still hoping your art will turn out?

Hi there,

I call it hope painting.
This is when you just hope
that your art is going to turn out.

Sometimes it does and sometimes it

This was my experience,
till I figured out a new way.

It is all about asking one
little question.

Less hope and more
clarity will always
create your best art.

What questions do you ask to make
your best art?

Let’s talk about this below.


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Be Bold and Begin

Hi Everyone,

Starting a new piece can be a bit like traveling
to someplace new without a map – you may know
a little about where you’re going, but without directions
it will take you longer than it should to arrive.

With that in mind, when I begin a painting, I
find the best thing to do is to be bold. So if I have
a panel covered in dark paint, I’ll then place some
light shapes over it. The contrast in value will
help direct me where to go next.

Watch the video.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!
When you begin a painting, what do you do to
help determine your next mark?

In gratitude, Nicholas

Making Your Mark

Hi everyone,

It’s incredibly gratifying to finish
a painting. Seeing everything completed
and in the right place – it’s like coming home at
the end of a long journey.

There’s just one thing left to do: the signature.
Now, not every artist signs their work, which is fine!
It’s really a matter of preference. When it comes to my
paintings, for example, I do like to sign them.

Watch the video and see how I do it

There are of course a million ways to do this – no one
method is the best – but what do you think about this?
Do you like to sign your work, and if so, how?

I would love to know!

In gratitude, Nicholas

Your Art is made yours by one thing…

The process of making authentic art actually begins before you even start.

What you choose to look at, think about and even remember is ultimately what makes your art yours. In other words, what you put in affects what you create.

Especially when making Art.

This is what I am talking about today.

The strength of your art, your output, is contingent on your input.

The more discernment involved in the curation of all that inspires you, the more authentic your art becomes.

It is a simple idea but one we often overlook.

Do you curate your input? In what ways?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Hope your Sunday is great.

How to choose better colors, quicker.

Is it hard to choose
the right colors when
creating your art?

I used to really struggle with this.
I would spend a ton of time
changing colors and in the end the colors
I ended up with were not really any

And then I started choosing colors
in a different way.

It has to do with looking at three important
aspects of color.

These are value, saturation and harmony.
Choosing colors based upon these, especially value,
can markedly change and improve your Art.

This helped my art process so much.
Maybe this approach, or even part of it,
can help you too.

If you are new to Art2life,
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into quite a bit more about color.

You can get it here:
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Thanks so much

Improve Your Life And Your Art

Our art is really just
a sequence of choices.

A series of “Yes I like this”,
or “No, I don’t like that”

In the end it is
all about discernment.

To get good at this we need to
practice. Not just in our art but
also in our life.

Discernment is the primary
factor in making your art, truly

Focusing on discernment
in both Art and Life
optimizes both.

It can make the mediocre,

Are you saying “yes” when maybe it should be a “no”?

Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for sharing a small part of your Sunday
with us,


What does your Design look like from 30,000ft?

Hi, for the past 2 days
I have been talking about Design
because the Art2life Free Workshop
has started!

Go here to grab your spot!
We just started with lesson 1 Design
and have 3 to do over the next week.

Today I am talking about the
importance of seeing the 30,000ft
view of your art.

From a distance you can
best see how one change
affects all the areas of your art.

Understand too,
that changing your art, improving
the design is usually done
in smaller, incremental changes.

It usually takes repeated efforts
to get one’s art really strong.

Design is one of the
most powerful principles
available to us and that is why it is the first lesson
in the Free Art2life Workshop
this week.

Hope to see you there!


PS During the next week I will be doing
additional training in the A2L facebook group.

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